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Black Pine We started using silver rather than copper colored aluminum 15 years ago, now it's all we use.  As it is so visible it is much easier to apply as well as remove.

The only reason we would now use copper colored would be for fine wiring on trees that are being entered in a show and we would want the wire to be unnoticeable.

Don't confuse this high grade silver colored Japanese manufactured wire with low quality, cheaper silver wire from other places. Ours is exactly the same as the copper colored wire in playability, usability and longevity.
Size &  Length
Bonsai Wire
Anodized Silver Aluminum

$38 per kg

Shimpaku Juniper
Dawn Redwood 1.5 mm  209 m
Japanese Garden Juniper 2.0 mm 116 m
2.5 mm   75 m
Bluemoss Cypress
Japanese White Pine 3.0 mm   52 m
3.5 mm   38 m
Bonsai Wire 4.0 mm   29 m
4.5 mm   69 m
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5.0 mm   18 m
6.0 mm   13 m
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 Made in Japan
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